Thursday, August 11, 2016

Games at Dal 2016

I arrived in Halifax for Games at Dal 2016.  The trip was extremely fun: I drove from Plymouth, New Hampshire, and picked up Craig Tennenhouse, my student Amelia, and Neil McKay all in separate places.  As Craig said, we were like the Muppets, getting the band back together.

We had six talks yesterday; I'll write something about each of them in the coming days.  We have some new people, including Israel, a nice Brazilian graph theorist who studied a traditional game with Urban.

The working sessions begin today, and I'm hoping I can convince some people to look at some computational complexity problems with me.  We'll see about that. ;)  Last year, Games@Dal was extremely kind to me.  I started a new research project with Svenja, Silvia, and Melissa, and we had the paper submitted just two months later.  That's my fastest turn around research-to-submission ever!

Either way, Dalhousie and Halifax is a beautiful setting for thinking about games.  Huge thanks to Richard, Melissa, and Svenja for organizing and running the conference!

I failed to announce this conference beforehand, unfortnately.  After this trip, I'll post about upcoming conferences, including Integers 2016 and CGTC2.  This next academic year will definitely not be devoid of CGT gathering opportunities!

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