Thursday, March 24, 2016

Game Description: Manalath

Thanks to an old email from Svenja, I just started playing an excellent game today: Manalath.

Manalath is played on a hex of hexes (though I've just been playing on a rectangular(ish) hex grid since that's all I have today).   
  • Each player has their own color, but can play either color piece.
  • You're not allowed to create connected components of one color of size 6 or bigger.  
  • If you (or your opponent) creates a connected component in your color of 5 pieces, you win immediately.  
  • However, if at the end of your turn, a connected component of your color of 4 pieces exists, you lose (unless you've already won).
The game is super fun.  As Juan Beltrán said after playing a bunch, "This game has really high fun per minute."

This was apparently designed by a fan of Yavalath, not by one of Cameron Browne's programs. :)  After having played Yavalath a bunch the past two years, I find this to be a bunch more fun.  There are all sorts of unexpected winning moves and also unexpected escapes. 

It definitely belongs on the table.

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