Sunday, January 21, 2024

Games at Mumbai, Day 0 Talks

On the "unofficial" first day of Games at Mumbai, we had two talks and two tournaments!  This has been a great conference already, but you are here to hear about the talks, so here we go.

Karan Rawat, "All about Go!"

Karan, a member of the Maharashtra Go Association, gave us an overview of Go.  He talked about the history and origins.  He compared it to Chess, which is apparently far more popular in India.  Karan talked about six of the top international Go federations and some of the top tournaments.  He explained many cultural aspects, especially high level tournaments and the pieces used.  (Super fancy Go stones made of shells can cost as much as $150 apiece!)  Karan explained the rules and discussed a bunch of patterns for beginners to look out for.


Carlos Pereira dos Santos, "Presentation of Atari Go"

Carlos gave a quick talk to explain Atari Go, which is the same as Go except that the first capture move wins.  (Self-capture moves and passes are not allowed.)  He did give a quick dip into breaking down a complex position into separate independent pieces and use a disjunctive sum to put them back together.  "All components matter" he advised, and then we were off to play an Atari Go tournament.


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