Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fundy & Games 2017: Quick Highlights

Fundy and Games was excellent!  After driving through Saint John three times, I'm really happy that I got to experience it first-hand.  I love the fog!

Here are some quick highlights (from my perspective):
  • The talks were great!  I'll include another post summarizing these.
  • I worked with a group that solved a complexity problem on the first full day of working groups.  Both of the undergraduates from Plymouth State made significant contributions towards the result!
  • The game Richard proposed, NoCanDo, made for a great conference tournament game.  (I'll have a separate post describing the game, but it's a variant of Domineering.)  
  • My students were interested in participating in a NoCanDo computer tournament, so I wrote some code to model the game, then a display to show the progress in the game.  To give them something to play against, I wrote a very basic AI (just case-based, with no end-game wrangling).  Amie wrote a player with a very similar strategy.  In the computer finals, my code squeaked out a victory against her, winning 507 of 1000 games.  Yikes!
  • Amie also beat me in the human tournament.  I had a slightly better record, then got beaten by RJN in the finals.  RJN went on to handily defeat my computer player to be the Overall 2017 NoCanDo World Champion!
  • I saw the Reversing Falls go backwards!  Sweet!  (I saw them go forwards last year when we dropped Neil off.)
  • Neil and Rebecca McKay were excellent organizers!  I greedily ate many of the snacks they provided.  They even made certificates for the tournament winners!
  • I'm still not sure what a Seawolf is.  

  • I continue to enjoy traveling to Atlantic Canada for games!

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