Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Update on the Summer Workshop in China

From an email from Fraser Stewart:  (I should have posted this sooner, I apologize)

Hi Everybody,

To update you on the status of the proposed workshop in China.  I have been given a budget, which will cover accommodation + food, for around 40 people, as well as a trip to see the terracotta warriors.  However, the event must take place this year.  So I need to set a date for this quickly so I can submit a budget to the financial department of the university, book hotels, rooms for talks and so on.  I would also like to stress that I have a very tight budget, so it may not be possible to cover everybody's expenses, but I will try to cover as many people as possible.

Due to the fact that CMS is taking place in June, and Integers in October, I would like to propose two times that I think will be suitable.

30 August - 3 September and 30 November - 4 December.

My plan is to have 4 days of talks and discussions, and one day to see the terracotta warriors.  We will also be taking submissions, and wish to publish a special edition of Integers.  All submissions will go through the normal peer review process, and a condition of attendance is that you must be willing to review at least one paper.  Also, as I said earlier, the money is very tight, so all attendees must pay their own air fare.

If you could please get back to me ASAP with two pieces of information that would help me out a lot:

1.  If you are willing/able to attend.

2.  The time you feel is most convenient.

Once I've had some responses, and have a better idea of attendance, I will send out a confirmation email and begin the organisation process.  Thank you everybody for your attention, and I hope to see you here.

Take it easy,

 Please respond directly to Fraser at: fraseridstewart [at] gmail [dot] com

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