Friday, February 3, 2012

Game Sum Demonstration Videos

A few weeks back, my aide, Ernie, and I played some game sums as demonstrations. Of special note, you may not have agreed with the non-all-smalling of Hex, and that may make you want to watch the last three!

Here are the links to videos:

Domineering + Clobber [6:32]

Domineering + Checkers (Draughts) [5:24] (Warning: this one is unsatisfying!)

Domineering + NoGo [4:14]

Y + NoGo [7:32] (Using the non-all-small Y)

Hex + NoGo [4:27] (Using the non-all-small Hex)

Hex + Clobber [13:16] (Using the all-small Hex!)

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