Thursday, October 27, 2011

Integers liveblogging: Thursday

Today a lot happened. I talked and I listened to lots of games talks, many of which will become their own posts in the future. Instead, I'll quickly mention some highlights thus far.

Rebecca confused me yesterday by saying "in P" which I automatically translated as "efficiently solvable" instead of "in Zero". I had just met her, so I asked excitedly if she was in computer science. She said this misconception is even more dangerous because she is dealing with misere games, and need to consider both outcome classes. Those in Fuzzy when playing misere, but in Zero under normal play are in N-,P+, pronounced "NP" (which computational complexity theorists use for another well-studied complexity class). Dangerous!

I've also seen a great bunch of non-games talks, mostly number theory, which I've understood a bit of. Particularly, Carl Pomerance gave a talk I understood most of about product free subsets of the Naturals (if x and y are in S, then x*y is not in S... usually x*y (mod p)). Neil Hindman gave an impressive talk, mostly because I don't think he looked at any notes and covered a lot of complex stuff using only a whiteboard! I also found out yesterday that Beatty sequences/ratios were used to help discover quasicrystals, something which had a lot to do with this year's Nobel Prize! Wow!

I've mostly had a blast meeting people and playing games. While playing FLex with Marla yesterday, she commented, "This is all very important!" Everything I explained about what I was thinking was quickly absorbed by her and Rebecca. Awesome!

Meeting people---especially over games---is great! I played some impartial games with Yuval Tanny and Shira Giat. At one point I made a winning move, but was afraid I hadn't gotten the parity correct. Neil put me to ease, saying, "Yes, you counted to two correctly." That's about as high as I feel I can count these days.

Yuval and Shira are clearly awesome; this seems to be the norm for gamesters! There's a lot of energy in the group---all positive---especially from Jess Enright, who gave an awesome talk today about set representation games. Here is a picture of her realizing she won a game with Marla during the talk.

I feel like a bit of a reporter, trying to keep up with everything, but it's very helpful to help me stay on point in the talks. Seriously, they were great and I can't wait to get some of those posts up.

I will try to get a post up tomorrow before the evening, but if not, I'll put in my final fake-liveblog next week. I'm leaving on Saturday morning, so I won't be around for the last day of the conference, sadly.

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