Tuesday, September 7, 2010

UGrad Course Update and a Mini Course in Amsterdam

So far, things are going well with the combinatorial games course I am teaching this semester. This is an undergraduate level course, aimed at both Math and CS students, and includes sophomores, juniors and seniors. Today it came up that the class feels both like a graduate-level course and the third grade. We are covering advanced material, but at a reasonable pace and with a very excited audience.

The class meets two days a week for 90 minutes. I try to spend the majority of one day letting students play a new game, asking them questions while they are playing. So far, this has gone very smoothly, alternating between game-playing days and note-taking days. I keep track of the games we've played on our class schedule. (Notice I haven't chosen anything in advance!)

I have assigned programming assignments as well as written homework. The students will end the semester giving oral presentations covering games not studied in class. I'm already looking forward to this!

I've already gotten some advice, but I'd naturally love to get more. If you've taught or attended a CGT course (even if you're one of my current students) any comments would be welcome.

On another note, I saw this announcement for a Mini-course in positional games next week in Amsterdam. I have the sudden desire to be in Amsterdam! :)

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