Friday, March 19, 2010

No FUN for me. :( Other conferences?

FUN with Algorithms 2010 is taking place in Italy in early June. I submitted two papers, but neither of them made it in.

I would normally still probably try to go, but I'm getting married shortly afterwards. (Woohoo!) Without the excuse of presenting a paper, I won't attempt to squeeze these things together.

I've missed a lot of following paper deadlines, and there are others that I am either interested in or would consider submitting to. Here's a little list of what's already passed by (but might be candidates in future years):

FUN 2010
AOFA 2010
SWAT 2010
ICALP 2010
FAW 2010

Those still coming are:

GandALF 2010
FOCS 2010
SAGT 2010
ICS 2011
INTEGERS 2010 (I don't have a site for this yet. INTEGERS 2009 had a very short submission/acceptance time.)
LAGOS 2011

(These are listed in order of (expected) submission deadline, not actual conference dates.)

I mostly catch these as they come through Theory Net. I'm likely out of touch with some more math-based feeds, though. Can anyone suggest other conference options?

Also, I've played a bunch of games of bOOleO this week already! This is an excellent card game! If I ever teach a machine organization course, I will somehow work this in as an example of logic gates!

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