Monday, January 25, 2010

Best CGT resources online?

One of the hopeful points of this site is to provide many links to other combinatorial game sites. Last semester I made many changes to the site in order to add and rearrange links. I continue to wish there were more links, however! In particular, I would like links to:

Your/Someone's CG site. If you are a gamester or know of someone else who is one, and have a website that mentions gamestering in any capacity, please let me know!

A playable game online. I have a few links up on the side, but I know I must be missing others! Let me know and I will add them!

Classic/Exciting/Good CG papers. I would love to add links to available papers!

At some point, I should also likely try to jazz up the layout of this blog more. Since the new semester has started, however, I know that won't be happening any time soon. I still wish there were a site with a table that compiled known properties of winnability of games. Perhaps I should start putting that together myself.

Sorry for the short post! See you again on Wednesday!

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  1. Hi Kyle,

    I thought you might find Flume interesting. Kind of a simplified Dots and Boxes: