Friday, October 23, 2009

Conferences for Combinatorial Games

One thing I'd like to provide here is a list of good options to submit combinatorial game papers to. Unfortunately, I'm just unfamiliar with these options.

Two years ago, I managed to get a paper about Atropos into the Workshop on Internet and Network Economics (WINE) 2007, though I think I was just lucky enough to be covering a lot of current keywords. Nevertheless, it was a great workshop and I saw a lot of cool results as well as met a bunch of excellent people. The audience was very interested in Atropos, and people were immediately remarking on different aspects of the game ("What happens if you change the coloring of the background?"). At the end, someone came up to me and mentioned that this presentation was going to be one of the most memorable from the workshop!

I was ecstatic, but I also realized that I was probably very lucky; it would be unreasonable that I would have such luck again. Later, my adviser discovered the Fun With Algorithms conference, which seems to be a great place to submit future combinatorial games papers. I also know that many people submit CG papers to Richard Nowakowski's Games of No Chance compilations.

Unfortunately, that is about the limit of my familiarity with combinatorial games papers. I know that results have appeared in many different conferences/journals/etc in the past. These days, however, what are the suggested avenues for publishing CGT results?

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  1. The integers online journal also houses a CGT section though their main focus is in number theory. They hold a conference every two years in Carrollton, GA. Unfortunately, this has just passed and the next one won't be until Oct. 2011.

    Most years, there are requests put in for a CGT session at BIRS in Banff, AB but space/time is tight and I don't think there is one currently on the slate. The proceedings have typically been included in the Games of No Chance compilations.