Thursday, March 24, 2016

Upcoming CGT Events

There are a bunch of academic CGT events coming up!


June 24-27 (Fri-Mon) is the CMS Summer meeting at the University of Alberta, Edmonton.  There's going to be a special session on CGT in honor of Richard Guy's 100th birthday!  It sounds like Richard will be there!  Sweet!  It's not yet clear which day will have the special session.

Aug 10-13 (Wed-Sat): Games-at-Dal(housie) 2016 in Halifax, NS.  Last year's was really productive for me; I really hope to make it to this one.

Oct 6-9 (Thurs-Sun): INTEGERS 2016 at University of West Georgia.  Integers is back on the menu! :)


Jan 25-27 (probably): CGTC2 in Lisbon.

June or July (maybe): CGT and/or Games on Graphs in Lyon, France.

July 24-28: 2nd Mathematical Congress of the Americas in Montreal.  There is the chance of having a CGT special session here.

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