Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Final Result: AlphaGo wins 4-1 vs Lee Sedol

AlphaGo won the final game vs Lee Sedol last night.  After Lee won the fourth game, I was really hoping he would also claim the fifth, showing that he'd figured out how to beat the new AI, even after an initial string of losses.

One of AlphaGo's early moves was seen by many as a mistake.  The AI rallied, however, to win the game.

My biggest question now is: how long until a human player can defeat AlphaGo?  By the time a human can, however, there will almost certainly be another machine able to defeat that player.  Perhaps human players will be able to see flaws somehow inherent to the new Go algorithms.  Probably by that time, a new algorithm will be spun off of the MCTS + Deep Learning combo that fixes the flaw.

I know a bit about Arimaa, a game specifically designed to be more difficult for computers to play.  I hoped that perhaps this would be a game where humans still outpaced our AI opponents.  Unfortunately, the computers seem to have overtaken the humans last year.

We had a good run.  Looks like the computers will be in control soon.

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