Monday, December 14, 2009

This week and next semester

Unfortunately, I am too busy today to get down a proper post. Finals have begun at Wittenberg and I have a stack of exam-writing and grading to get down to. On Wednesday I expect to write a longer post than the past few Wednesdays have allowed. I plan also to post on Friday.

After that, winter break is well underway and things will likely be more scattered until the new year. The spring semester begins here at Wittenberg on January 11, so regular posting will resume quickly. I again have MWF classes so I should be able to keep up the same MWF schedule we've become accustomed to here. I may even get my posts up earlier in the morning.

I'd like to graphically jazz up the blog a bit, but I'm not much of a layout specialist. If you have any ideas or images, I'm all ears! (Or eyes.)

Although the break seems like a great time to post about games, I will be somewhat distracted trying to prepare for the FUN with Algorithms paper deadline on January 15. I can only assume gamesters have a good shot at this conference :)

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