Monday, August 15, 2016

Games @ Dal 2016 Wrap Up

Yesterday morning, I put myself and three other Muppets back into my car and departed Games @ Dal.  675 miles, 16 hours (just under 12:45 actually behind the wheel) and three drop-offs later, and I was back at home. 

There are still more talk summaries to come over the next few days, don't worry.  We even had an unexpected bonus talk by Tanya Khovanova on Friday, so there are three more to go! :)

Here's a few things I learned:
  • I got a result!  It's not about the computational complexity of a game... who am I?
  • There are lots of very obvious rulesets that we still need to find the computational complexity for.  Even just impartializations or other variations of common rulesets need to be figured out.
  • Halifax Citadel's noon gun is loud if you're standing near the citadel entrance.  (Good choice, Amie!)
  • Hanabi is pronounced differently in Canada.
  • CGT is still a really good field to introduce to mathy undergrads.  (Also, I should really take a look at Tom Ferguson's book.) 
  • It would be very nice to have a list of gamesters.  I should probably make this.
  • It would be very nice to have a list of past and future CGT conferences/events.  I should probably make this.
  • I should spend more time working on the ruleset table.
  • I would really like to go to a workshop where my only job is to update the table.  I'd like this to be a CGT event because I'd like to be surrounded by Gamesters while doing it. 
  • A post on the Gamester Pen would not be worthless.
  • I should probably get on Twitter and tweet little things like these.
Thanks to Richard Nowkowski, AARMS, and Dalhousie for hosting such a great event!

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