Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Playable Atropos is back... and more usable.

I've been working on building HTML/JS games that can be played in a web browser without the need for Java.  Many years ago, I wrote a Java applet to play the impartial game Atropos, which was great except that it didn't work for non-Java browsers, like most mobile-device browsers.

Last week, I got a working HTML version of Atropos up.  It should work for you, unless you have JavaScript disabled. 

I've been playing recently on boards of size 9, going first against the Hard level "AI".  (It's just a depth-search for a winning move.  Hard goes for a depth of 7 moves, I think.)  Although I usually have to wait for my browser to catch up because it takes a lot of time for the AI to make the first few moves, it starts getting faster pretty quickly.  In this case, I have to try to trap the computer player because if the entire board fills up, I'll have to take the last spot (and lose).

I also rediscovered the Greek-style myth I wrote for the game and added it to the page.


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