Wednesday, January 21, 2015

CGTC1, Day 0

Arrived last night in Lisbon, traveling with Craig Tennenhouse from UNE for CGTC1: CGT Colloquium I.  It's great to see so many people I know and lots of new faces too.

Gathering with gamesters is dangerous.  Last night I chose games over sleep and stayed up a bit too late.  I did get in some games of Amazons (with three players), Clobbineering, Yavalath (also with 3), and FLex (Follow-the-Leader Hex).  Michael Fisher has some beautiful sets from Nestor Games.  Perfect for travel.  They're a bit expensive to get in the US, but they might be worth it!

I'm looking forward to Craig's talk today, as well as others.  Craig and I spent most of the time on the last flight feverishly trying to solve Rotisserie Nim, but it's not clear what our analysis will yield.

There's a chance that Clobbineering will be dubbed the official "game" of this conference.  We'll see!  It was certainly the first time Urban, Tristan, or Svenja had played it, but that keep me from losing most of my games.

After over a year, it's great to be back in the CGT action!


  1. Which nestorgames did you like?

  2. We played games that I was already familiar with, using Mike's sets for Amazons, Hex, and Yavalath. So far I haven't played any Nestor games that I hadn't played before, but the sets are remarkably perfect for traveling gamesters. I do recall that they have many games that I haven't played before. Clearly I should expand my horizons!

  3. I had read this interesting blog before. I just discovered who's behind it! It was great to meet you!