Monday, August 16, 2010

Kicking Off: Fall 2010

I hoped to write a smattering of blog posts this summer, but then a lot of things happened this summer and then I only posted once. Some of these affected me very personally, for example:

  • I drove back-and-forth across my time zone twice.
  • I learned that paying extra for first-class plane seats does not give you more leg room.
  • Vinay Deolalikar tried to show that solving Atropos is not in P. There is some disagreement about how close he came (he continues working on this) but it's very nice that everyone cares so much!
  • I miss winter.
  • I am now happily married.
For those who I promised to chat with this summer, I apologize for not doing that. Please resume contacting me!

Luckily, Wittenberg's fall semester begins early and with that comes a return to a regular schedule. I will plan on two posts per week, and this time I will have some help preparing them. Beyond this, there are other benefits for this semester:
  • I'm teaching a CGT course! I look forward to chatting about that.
  • I will refrain from polluting this blog with mentions of college football, despite the up-and-coming season. Instead, I just started a separate blog dedicated to my automated ranking.
  • I have some help prepping things this semester! Hooray!
The planned schedule for this semester is for updates on Tuesdays and Fridays. As usual, please feel free to request material to cover. If there's something interesting in CGT you've done, and feel too modest to tell me yourself, feel free to have a friend contact me! :)

Happy (Academic) Fall!

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  1. Hahahahah, "...tried to show that solving Atropos is not in P." You're such a joker.